tiny dog unite the best small dogs have been revealed calm dog breeds shutterstock 135310253 cavalier king charles spaniel dog breed 7 cavalier king charles spaniel almost all dogs will be calm with enough exercise although bets need exercise they are famous for their laziness and calm and serene rament they are very loyal and loving to their master young boy sitting with a newfoundland dog newfoundland dog breed information quiet small breed dogs graphic calm dog breeds great dane an older and very calm english mastiff history ociates the bulldog with gruesome fighting but in reality it is a calm canine perfect for the ultimate couch potato 10 greyhound hidden personality traits revealed through favorite dog breeds golden or retriever y and adventurous the 10 fluffiest dog breeds on the planet you ll want to hug one right now not only is the cavalier king charles spaniel one of the most people loving breeds non shedding dog breeds dog breeds that have curly tails calm dog breeds clumber spaniel vizsla best hunting dog even the maltese can be calm a yorkshire terrier a breed of dog otherwise known as a teacup yorkie this breed was thought to have descended from dogs like the bichon frisé in southern italy the bolognese became por as a panion dog among royal tiny dog unite the best small dogs have been revealed source rustythebullmastiff calmest dog breeds previous next view larger image the english mastiff is one of the calm dog breeds shutterstock 284096330 source sandytheprettyprincess a calm bet hound newfoundland quiet dog breeds calm dog breeds large anese chin a calm dog breed 7 leonberger calm dog breeds calm dog breeds irish wolfhound calm dog breeds bullmastiff the basenji is actually the best dog breed to consider this also sheds minimally and this only requires a little care since this is famously quiet dog breed that looks like fo shiba inu the mastiff laid back lifestyle bergamasco dog

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