beagle cross cavalier puppies for nsw past puppies meet corduroy the oldest living cat cavoodles cavalier x poodle lily cavoodle 3 cavoodles beagliers photo of spike male cav x kelpie pup trial 2 3 17 cavoodle1 here to see our available beaglier puppies s fluffy puppies o connell nsw breed beaglier beagle x cavalier king charles spaniel rament friendly playful and inquisitive approx size 30 40cm at the withers no longer available maltalier maltese x cavalier king charles spaniel puppies 1 of 5 picture no longer available photo of jasper beaglier puppies for photo of suri female cav x kelpie pup trial 2 3 17 some people still prefer the features of the first generation cross cavoodles pure poodle x pure cavalier they tend to be fairly consistent with their

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