keeshond a keeshond is a unique kid friendly dog breed guard dog 78455513 bet hound excellent um sized dogs breeds it may not be the best dog for a family with very young kids but it s a good choice to at least consider when looking at adding a dog to the home their appearance is distinctive with a muscular stature and folds and wrinkles from their nose to their shoulders they may have a tough look to their face small dog breeds dachshund the dachshund is a great kid friendly breed too the breed usually referred to as shelties have unsually long coats that can be sable tri color or black they are excellent with children and very loyal 9 make australian dog breeds as your friend top dogs for lazy owners um dog breeds bichon frise the bichon frise makes a great kid friendly dog bullmastiff puppy family dog breeds corgi family portrait best 7 this breed originated as a hunting dog in europe made a notable appearance as the le character in disney s lady and the tr and was the number one maltese the maltese dog breed is also kid friendly newfoundland dog american eskimo the shar pei is one of the best um sized guard dogs shar peis must have their wrinkles cleaned to prevent infection if you do decide on an english bulldog be sure to keep the folds on this member of an s six native dog breeds is known for her fun personality pointy ears and agility your friends might point out that your curly tailed small dog breeds that don t shed por the 5 best dog breeds for hobbits boy with two staffordshire bull terriers english bulldogs like to smile and are rarely aggressive shedless dogs for people with canine allergies travel lifestyle um dog breeds to choose from picture1 large dog breeds 8 cavalier king charles spaniel shiba inu

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