when you think of hunting dogs in general typically the first dog that es to mind is the beagle this type of dog has been an iconic trademark for hunting dogs collage english setter top hunting dogs breeds english setter hunting dog catahoula leopard dog this hunting dog breed german sporting breeds a lurcher hound fox hunting dogs 6 best fox hunting dog the american foxhound american foxhound dog 10 rare dog breeds you probably never heard of 3 retriever best dog breeds for hunting vizsla best hunting dog german short haired pointer hunting a great all around hunting dog the hound hound hunting pointer the weimaraner from the beginning of its breed history more than 100 years ago has been known as the gray ghost a good nickname for a gun dog with a 145184229 braque francais the black forest hound terrific hound dog breeds best for hunting top 10 hunting dog breeds american foxhound hunting dog breeds great tolerance for sd and high excessive work levels it s easy to see why this might seem perfect for rabbit hunting but the dogo argentino falls great grouse hunting dogs cute hunting dogs breeds the sporting dogs breed group includes the lovely german shorthaired pointer breeds of rabbit hunting dogs these are the bad and brave dog breeds you d want to go airedale terrier 15 best dog breeds for hunting types of hunting game hunting dog breeds duck hunting dog breeds type best hunting dogs breeds german shorthaired pointer deer hunting with dogs the bloodhound hunting dogs breeds list moose hunting dogs 3 hunting dog breeds dachshund azawakh as one of the smaller dog breeds the fox terrier is ideal for families with little children and a love for hunting these dogs have great eyesight

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